Thursday, September 6, 2007

Just because it was fragrant like a rose...why do we always have to give it thorns?


Born to Fly said...

cuz unless it hurts you,the beauty of a rose never comes full circle :)

I me myself said...

Hey, seems like you have restricted the viewing for other blog link... why!?

me said...

hey u wanted this one right ... m giving it here... now u caN READ it.. lol! waise this was just d simplest mode of sending this 2 u.. u can delete d comment if u want coz its newayz nt going wid ur rather 'our' (lol!) post at all...

Among d thousand's bottles so fine,
each one with the finest lust,
chose the dull settled with dust,
coz it contained the best wine.

Drank it 2 my heart,
preserved it there 2 the core,
Hypnotized 2 d extent by its taste,
even the bottle I started 2 adore.

Cleaned away the dust,
by the time, it showed off its effect,
got me now the point,
the reason 4 its reject.

Streaming in away d drought,
Poised thy me within,
Though I had 2 vomit it out,
I dint give up 2 drink.

Yeah d same, someday it was,
used 2 be divine,
bt now as I... seeped it in,
The 'wine' is just a wine..

me said...

but frankly telling man... i dnt understand wat 2 b liked in this one... i consider it one among the wrost...

anisha said...

d beauty f certain things lies in d fact dt not everyone is able to touch it and appreciate it.
d thorns signify a clear repulsion f certain kind f ppl who hav no rt to touch dt beauty...