Monday, May 19, 2008

A withered memory...

Beneath the bookshelf I found

A diary with withered pages...

I faintly recollect ‘twas mine.

Didn’t open it since ages!

Torn letters, some lines of poetry

And a picture of someone dear.

And peeking through the lacerate pages;

Were rose petals; brown and sere.

Nascent love of a mindless heart

Who took you as his lover.

Amidst the rain and darkness of night

The pain I did discover.

Resting my head on the sill

I waited for thee, hours together

Now it all seems like a dream...

'Coz that’s all that I remember.

You came then, I think you did.

And said something that really hurt.

Can’t recall how it felt though

In shock for sure I did shiver.

I remember long ago I cried

Maybe about a lifetime ago.

And you took away my poetry I saw you go.

You say now, I had loved you

Via the love song that you sing

It all musta’been a dream I guess

‘Coz I don’t feel a thing.