Monday, May 19, 2008

A withered memory...

Beneath the bookshelf I found

A diary with withered pages...

I faintly recollect ‘twas mine.

Didn’t open it since ages!

Torn letters, some lines of poetry

And a picture of someone dear.

And peeking through the lacerate pages;

Were rose petals; brown and sere.

Nascent love of a mindless heart

Who took you as his lover.

Amidst the rain and darkness of night

The pain I did discover.

Resting my head on the sill

I waited for thee, hours together

Now it all seems like a dream...

'Coz that’s all that I remember.

You came then, I think you did.

And said something that really hurt.

Can’t recall how it felt though

In shock for sure I did shiver.

I remember long ago I cried

Maybe about a lifetime ago.

And you took away my poetry I saw you go.

You say now, I had loved you

Via the love song that you sing

It all musta’been a dream I guess

‘Coz I don’t feel a thing.


uru said...

Resting my head on the sill

I waited for thee, hours together

Now it all seems like a dream...

'Coz that’s all that I remember.

Forlorn heart, unheard cries

Was that you who broke me

I doubt as here i stand firm

Twas a dream, u just woke me..

Blank letters,torn cards

some pictures here and there..

In them rested a naked body..

The spirit was no-where..

.. every respect.!

manee said...

Best poetry is written at 'one-go'...effortlessly... direct dil se. Truest feelings put into simplest of words.. thats how I would describe this 'on the spot' comment-cum-poem of yours... :)

loadsa luv
d*d said...

beautiphool :)

except that YOU ar the phool..jaishe mai hu ;)

Prachi said...

I remember long ago I cried
Maybe about a lifetime ago.
And you took away my poetry I saw you go...
And by this fall i will have forgotten how
your words spelt spring,
my fingers will be conditioned to reach for
backspace in case i still type your name
right in the dark...

Strangely effective! :)

Btw, currently playing is this song by Avril Lavigne- Innocence!!
Dying to quote the lines:
It's the state of bliss you think you're dreaming
It's the happiness inside that you're feeling
It's so beautiful it makes you wanna cry
It's so beautiful it makes you want to cry


A dash of ash said...

You guys have been so boring all along..come on !! Lets have some spirit and life buzzing at this blogosphere :)

waise bi teri picture khatam saamba !! hahahaha..kitne admi the ?? ;)

spoilt freak said...

nice one.. like always...
dunno man, y ..
y the hell wen u really badly feel lyk writing n xpressing, its only then dat u can't.........

u wont believe me.. but from past few weeks, rather months.. m trying so hard to write a similar one.. lol!...

thanx u did it 4 me...

Oh Girl ! said...

Nice blue..but oh so girly !! Anil ki post kyu hatai?
Acha listen,when ever you read this,get these songs from the internet and LISTEN to them..get the lyrics from google and you know..sath sath make out the words and all..I love these of my favourites since past three four years..can't believe you havent heard em!!

One is 'truly,madly,deeply' by Savage Gardens (this sond is like a dream come true!)
The other is 'Hello' by Lionel Richie

Tell me how you like em :)
Sholly..comment not related to post!! hehe ;)

somalee said...

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post. Although the way you use the classical diction in "I waited for thee, hours together" and the post-modern diction you use in the words 'Coz, makes it slightly weird, but nonetheless interesting to read.

However, as a critic, I found the rhyming to seem forced, at times. But it might just be me, because I hardly follow rhyme patterns in my writes.

It was good to find another poet from NSIT.