Thursday, July 3, 2008

People will always flinch from approving something that is not well established. A path that everybody else is taking ought to be the best, perhaps the only path to success, just because it’s tried and tested and everybody is doing it. So many people can’t be wrong-that basic human logic. You dare to think out of the box and people shower you with all their apprehensions and warnings and more often than not- a simple gaping expression which almost compels you to look down upon your own self for trying to be different.

Yeah. It’s hard to survive all those sessions of counseling with myriad individuals, each one having his own distinctive approach to discourage you. But still you keep doing it. You do it until opinions cease to fit in your herded head where the previous opposing opinions are already in a state of war. One person will say this and the other will say exactly the opposite. “It’s your individuality that matters, not the institute from where you are. If you are good enough, you will always get what you deserve”. And “Institute name will secure your future. A runner placed few paces ahead of the others obviously has an advantage over the rest.” Read them both objectively and you see they both make sense. Those who got what they wanted believe in the latter and rest in the former. But it’s the worst for those who are stuck somewhere in the middle. Like me.

They tell you to run and grab that IIT tag like a hungry dog would snatch a piece of chicken. Just do it. Even if you are getting some geological engineering dual degree (5 year course) at IIT-Khadagpur, just do it for the heck of it. That’s logical. You’re gonna be an IITian and this way your friends and family and even distant acquaintances can boast about you for life.

Honestly speaking, there once was really a time when I did fancy that much coveted IIT tag myself, that reverence of being sort of looked up to, that feeling of apparently looking taller in a crowd and of course that very gaping expression that I now seem to abhor. Trust me, after a point, it doesn’t seem all that rosy as it did. It, in fact, gets to you.

So if its sheer stupidity to kick that IIT tag and take up NSIT COE just on the basis of a mindless ‘gut-feeling’ that I have got, for once, let me fuckin’ do it. Spare me all those know-it-alls who suggest me to change my mind time and again. So even if its a disasterous decision, just let me screw up my life, my style.


Oh Girl ! said...
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Anonymous said...

this showed U THINK

Anonymous said...

You're not going wrong.. trust me. Nah, trust yourself. A better branch in a reputed (and yet comparatively chill) college in DELHI is preferable over a not-so-good one in IIT KHARAGPUR. Any day! If you want to excel and move ahead in life, NSIT is as good; if you want to enjoy the college life too, NSIT is a lot better! So in a way, it allows you to keep the strings of your life in your own hands.

You already classified those with a similar opinion as mine as some sort of 'losers'. I'd prefer to be an anonymous one :)

spoilt freak said...

“It’s your individuality that matters, not the institute from where you are. If you are good enough, you will always get what you deserve”.

i think u'r own words did d job i intended to do. ...
... m glad u've finally up to ur decision..
all d best...

roopam poddar said...

hey manee,

i think you are putting too much brains in matters... sometimes it's better to think from heart... if you think you did the right thing...u did it right.

just put it cool...and enjoy life

prachi said...

just let me screw up my life, my style
Ol da best!:)
How was the freshers?