Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"IIT fails to get the best"-IIT dons

Sad. But not surprising. I know people who got way better ranks than I did who otherwise are nowhere near to this 'raw intelligence' sort of thing.
My heart knows deep inside I deserve that seat in IIT much more than many people who have been given preference over me. Probably this may seem like 'grapes are sour' sort of post, I do mean it when I say that the guys I sat down and studied with, who could not even understand, let alone crack the tricky questions if they were put to them for the first time, have got a much better rank than me, I must say I am forced to doubt the credibility of the JEE. The intelligent and really deserving students usually miss out because most of them cannot afford the coaching or perhaps they are not so good at practicing and mugging the paper pattern.
Had I come across this news an year earlier, I would have thought it was rubbish. But now when I know how much hardwork I did during my self study, how much in depth I went to know the topics, I am half-wishing that the format had never changed! I know if this year the paper had been the mains type, I would have definitely got a much better rank.
All in all, I now believe that the JEE is no absolute scale of judging intellect. Its just mastering the tricks of solving the paper. Thats it.