Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"IIT fails to get the best"-IIT dons

Sad. But not surprising. I know people who got way better ranks than I did who otherwise are nowhere near to this 'raw intelligence' sort of thing.
My heart knows deep inside I deserve that seat in IIT much more than many people who have been given preference over me. Probably this may seem like 'grapes are sour' sort of post, I do mean it when I say that the guys I sat down and studied with, who could not even understand, let alone crack the tricky questions if they were put to them for the first time, have got a much better rank than me, I must say I am forced to doubt the credibility of the JEE. The intelligent and really deserving students usually miss out because most of them cannot afford the coaching or perhaps they are not so good at practicing and mugging the paper pattern.
Had I come across this news an year earlier, I would have thought it was rubbish. But now when I know how much hardwork I did during my self study, how much in depth I went to know the topics, I am half-wishing that the format had never changed! I know if this year the paper had been the mains type, I would have definitely got a much better rank.
All in all, I now believe that the JEE is no absolute scale of judging intellect. Its just mastering the tricks of solving the paper. Thats it.


prachi said...

I Second you here..

Oh well..have always wanted to write such post..But somehow never gathered the "courage" if i may put it this way!:((

But, um sure where you are is glad to have you there!Cheerz..

Ol da best!:)

spoilt freak said...


Furor said...

Your whole thought process is based on the assumption that the IIT's want the brightest or most intelligent students. How do you know that's what they're looking for?

Out here in the real world, results are almost never produced by genius alone. It takes effort AND intelligence. They're looking for people who can make a difference.

Have you thought of it this way: the IIT's simply set a minimum threshhold of intelligence.From amongst all those who possess atleast that much intelligence, they seek candidates who have the right aptitude and work ethic. How do you assume that the whole mugging and adapting your strategy for the exam is NOT part of the testing process?

I'm not saying this IS the case .. but tell me how you made your assumptions before considering this? I read somewhere in your blog that us humans judge too quickly ... well ... it takes a lot of effort and discipline to examine an issue from different perspectives before coming to conclusions ... THATS WHAT analysis is ... if you over analyze .. you should be habitually doing this ...

Manee said...


My whole thought process is based on the assumption that the IITs want raw intelligence,as IIT-Madras director, M S Ananth puts it. Somebody whose 'intelligence' is not dependent on the availability of facts and knowledge but rather has the innate genius to 'imagine' and 'create'.
According to me there is no such thing as the 'brightest' and 'most intelligent' students, but rather what sets you apart is your hunger to learn and most importantly think beyond your small box and analyse everything from an objective point of view.
How do you know in what manner I interpret 'intelligence'?
But however I don't think its a big deal to adapt yourself to a certain examination pattern and perform. Its takes a little practice and determination and you are done. I have been doing this from since last 14 years and it does not make me feel any different from the four lakh other students who took the exam.

You are right where you say "From amongst all those who possess atleast that much intelligence, they seek candidates who have the right aptitude and work ethic."
My point is that the present pattern fails (miserably) to select the desired kind. Because anyway, everyone who cracks it, is intelligent.
I still maintain its stupidity to select those students, who have just been blindly trained by some coaching institute, who know how to solve a problem but only because they have been told by someone how to. Its this funny trend, that the really intelligent ones choose to skip doing a question rather than mugging it up. Its mechanical and anyone can do it. And IITs, I believe don't want to choose those who can learn and remember better, or do they?

On the Edge of Darkness.. Falling into Infinity! said...

i'm back !! :)

drop by to read my "thoughts" when you have the time! :)

Anon39608 said...

After reading this, i concluded that, yes it was a 'grapes are sour' kind of a post. You are just venting out your frustration here because you were not able to get into IIT.

You cribbing about the fact that the pattern changed and saying that you wouldve scored a better rank shows that you still are not able to accept the truth that you are not IIT stuff and would still like to live in delusions that you still are an idol of 'raw intelligence'. I am sure you yourself gave the exam twice and still were not able to clear it(evidently, because, you wont write this blogpost if you would've got in there). This shows that you were not IIT needed and were rejected by them not once but twice.

So I would advice you to not write such baseless posts including the one you wrote about anons.

Manee said...

@Anon whatever

I know myself much MUCH better than you do. So STFU.

I WAS getting IIT but I was not getting Computer Science. SO ab faaltu mein ro mat.

Take your narcissistic attitude elsewhere. You seem to be a perfect loser.

Manee said...

The application process for universities abroad is much more transparent and reliable. In India, it is just a rank.
A person with 432 marks is more intelligent than a person with 430 marks. Whoa! And you are justifying that? And can you claim then everybody who took the JEE gave his/her best on the day of exam and the system of selection is perfect?

No wonder any Indian institute has failed to sustain itself even in the top 100 universities abroad, something I did not know back then. So eventually you will see me writing a post about being in a world class university, well above the IITs in educational standards.
"delusions that you still are an idol of 'raw intelligence' "?
That is not a delusion. Even if it is, I will make sure I turn it into reality.
You may call Edison an idiot for having failed a 1000 times, right? Just going by your logic, he was stupid to have failed that many times; my rank just lagged behind twice.

Sigh. If you are an IITian, your stupidity (just solving PCM questions is not intelligence to me) doesn't surprise me.

Manee said...

Read my previous post.

I rejected to take anything less than IITD CSE, and that is the reason i am not in IIT. I was conveniently getting IITK Electrical.

Beggars can't be choosers? I can't be a beggar. I am always, ALWAYS the chooser. I like to believe I am awesome. I am intelligent and I know it. I have lived my life knowing that, I have many a instance to know my belief is not just that - a belief. I don't take what I get; I take what I want. And dump the rest.
Trivia: The counselor at IITD during counseling was shocked I refused the seat! He sent me to my parents twice. But I am too confident of myself to be dependent on a tag 'IIT'.

So rise above this orthodox belief that you can judge a person via 300 odd words written by him/her. Grow up and think. Think out of the box.