Monday, March 9, 2009

Stolen Passion

One poem that I came across, which coincidentally gives words to my deepest emotions towards 'him'...

Oh, give me back the passion
That left with your embrace
It wasn’t fair to take it
To remove it from it’s place

It’s mine, I want it back
It’s the thing I can’t forgive
Of all the things you’ve offered
Only the passion deserves to live

Oh, give me back the passion
That came from your burning kiss
Hungry lips are a dime a dozen
But the passion I sorely miss

I can forgive you for the heartache
I can forget your thoughtless greed
So take back your honeyed words
It’s only the passion that I need

Oh, give me back the passion
Born of your whispered dreams
You can keep the sexual notions
But the passion I must redeem

As the only gift you gave me
Stirred as emotions in my soul
And they flowed through me like an elixir
Through my veins to make me whole

Oh, give me back the passion
Flamed as fire in your urgent touch
So deny me of your caresses
But the passion I need so much

Why would you want to take it?
For in you, it has no use
But for me it heals the hurt
It’s a voice to express my views

Oh, give me back the passion
That you awakened as forbidden desire
Just keep the words I’ve longed for
But in stealing my passion…you’ve stolen my fire!

Leria Hawkins