Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Unequal Love

Oh! I get so nostalgic,
when I look at you today
you sigh and close your eyes
I too had felt this way.

Like the way my smell
inebriates your mind
I too had drunk once
love potion of same kind.

You look into my eyes
And say you love me.
Its a feeling of deja vu,
you remind me of me!

You sing to me those love songs
and ask for a coffee on your knee,
It reminds me all the time
I am no more what I used to be.

Your madness, love and devotion
fill me with pleasure, joy and guilt.
Who knows what lies beneath the earth
over which skyscrapers are built.

I wish I too were as mad
I wish I too could go crazy
I wish I could respond to
your subtle advances of intimacy...

...I know I drove you to this
I know I am to blame.
I don't wanna hurt you now.
But don't wanna play this game.

Well honestly, I have not been liking the quality of poetry I have been doing lately. I believe it should be effortless. I really did not put any 'effort' in improving the quality of this one, so at places it may seem too mediocre. :(

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Oh Girl ! said...

A lot has been said and done. Before you. A lot will be said and done after you.