Friday, July 24, 2009


I don't know what has got into me. The once patriotic me has begun to hate this place. I am ashamed to call myself an Indian. I detest calling myself the native of a country which smothers you with its preposterous unwarranted principles in the name of so called Bhartiya Sanskriti and parampara. I refrain from barfing when I hear many an instance of injustice done to the general public by these supposed guardians of law (policemen). A law which is blind as well as deaf and dumb. I am filled with utter contempt for this Hindustaan when I see people tensed about their young children pondering over 'whether be gay or not' and maligning of culture only because some people got the right to choose their sex partner without being dubbed as criminals.

Yeah right. Mera Bharat Mahaan. Na Jiyo, Na jeene do.

I am fighting with myself everyday not to get furious when the government officials demand unreasonable amount of bribes from my parents to get simple official work done such as just forwarding a file. I'm trying my level beyond the fullest not to lose my temper when these self proclaimed protectors of morality threaten me to take me to thaana (policestation) just because I was sitting in the parked car with my male friend at a public place talking. Anything for a bribe you see!
I am so sick of this great traditional cultural country, that I find myself planning how to settle abroad at the earliest. Where at least you can choose how to live and people don't threaten to throw you out of the city if you marry the one you love.

That is why brain drain happens. Outside the boundaries there are countries where you are asked about your talent before your age. They believe in getting the work done. There is at least transparency and you can climb the success ladder without having to play dirty politics unlike in Indian Government Institutions.

I don't know whether to run away and dump this country for good, or stay here, enter the system and become one of 'them'.