Friday, July 24, 2009


I don't know what has got into me. The once patriotic me has begun to hate this place. I am ashamed to call myself an Indian. I detest calling myself the native of a country which smothers you with its preposterous unwarranted principles in the name of so called Bhartiya Sanskriti and parampara. I refrain from barfing when I hear many an instance of injustice done to the general public by these supposed guardians of law (policemen). A law which is blind as well as deaf and dumb. I am filled with utter contempt for this Hindustaan when I see people tensed about their young children pondering over 'whether be gay or not' and maligning of culture only because some people got the right to choose their sex partner without being dubbed as criminals.

Yeah right. Mera Bharat Mahaan. Na Jiyo, Na jeene do.

I am fighting with myself everyday not to get furious when the government officials demand unreasonable amount of bribes from my parents to get simple official work done such as just forwarding a file. I'm trying my level beyond the fullest not to lose my temper when these self proclaimed protectors of morality threaten me to take me to thaana (policestation) just because I was sitting in the parked car with my male friend at a public place talking. Anything for a bribe you see!
I am so sick of this great traditional cultural country, that I find myself planning how to settle abroad at the earliest. Where at least you can choose how to live and people don't threaten to throw you out of the city if you marry the one you love.

That is why brain drain happens. Outside the boundaries there are countries where you are asked about your talent before your age. They believe in getting the work done. There is at least transparency and you can climb the success ladder without having to play dirty politics unlike in Indian Government Institutions.

I don't know whether to run away and dump this country for good, or stay here, enter the system and become one of 'them'.


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uru said...

India needs people like you..people like Us. For chrissake don't think of settling abroad... I am sure you haven't considered the atrocities that Indians have to undergo ..the excruciating pain of being called a SECOND citizen..and the treatment meted out to them abroad.. is no wonder SECOND HAND. Im saying this because many of my relatives live abroad.MANY many of them.. They may be satisfied in terms of Quality of Life.. In terms of environmental bliss..but trust me deep down they feel despondent because of the fear that they can be thrown out anytime.. Even if they possess a greencard and citizenship certificate..things are different when you are out... And then they miss INDIA...
No wonder, the unscrupulous , unmoralistic government, the apathy of the 'policemen' the so called guardians, the corruption amongst the civil's all a filthy sick ATTITUDE which has its roots in greed, malice, selfishness and etc etc...Endless is the list. But here we are...and if people like US get disheartened and plan of leaving India.. what would become of it- a total mess. No, APJ Abdul Kalam said.. Dream and then begin to work. Just don't see around, have a vision.. to make India developed .. To make India proud.
Take care

Oh Girl ! said...

It is primarily a problem of accepting human behaviour, I feel. Behind the scenes, everything happens and a lot of people know it but out in the open they will never agree to it and vehemently oppose even being associated to anything close.

Often, it appears to me that there is so much 'hubulalahu' about 'Indian' culture that everything most remotely unrelated to Indian culture is quoted as a primary value of 'Our Indian Culture'.

Another thought that has been taking shape in my mind is that there is a huge section of the Indian population that is not ready or mature to think differently from what they are repeatedly told to think like. They are unable to question the conditioning they have been provided with and definitely unsuccessful in questioning it.

For example, at the present, I find it EXTREMELY hard to accept drinking. In any form.

This might also be because of the huge gap in the income stratas, leading to availability or the absence of education. However even educated people (like me) find it very difficult to move out of the tall walls of 'Indianess' that surround us.

Corruption ofcourse, is undoubtedly one of our prized asset.

But, I also and must say that the questions that are now coming up, might have the potential to give a new structure to the country. Might.

JC said...

Ur blogs very in love wid ur thots...when u updatin it?

hitinder said...

Well i agree with you but the point is "who the indians are we are people" I am not living in india but i feel that life is much better than india over here but as i spent more than 20 years in india. I still have that love to my mother land which make me desperate to come back but i agree
our society need to be change their thinking. they need to understand that education is not just studying books and taking degrees it is the understanding of life and maturity .