Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why life at NSIT sucks…

NSIT- probably anyone would kill to be here. The toppers of Delhi come here, many of them abnegating a seat in the IIT. People look at me in awe when I say I am an NSITian. “I am doing Computer Engineering from NSIT”, as I say these words, the time seems to stop, the birds stop chirping…the cars screech to a halt… a sudden silence descends upon the chatter of people around…and the next words I hear are “Oh wow…NSIT?!!”.

Only I know how ‘wow’ that is. Let’s skip talking about the callous government officials who make it impossible for you to get any ‘official’ work done. Let’s also skip the professors/lecturers who have done their PHDs and long forgotten what they did (or at least it’s so horrific to them, they don’t want to talk about it anymore!) and hardly come to the classes to give lectures. If they do, most of them don’t teach up to the standards one would expect of NSIT faculty. The most capable ones are too cocooned in their own smug achievements and generate a random lecture to pass their time unconcerned about what the students already know and what they do not have to know! Let’s also skip the rickety laboratories with their damaged equipment. Let’s skip all other lack of facilities that make NSIT a sorry place to be. What I am talking about here is the obsolete mind-sets of the majority of undergrads here. I have (sorry to say) found the most derogatory quality of people here in NSIT quite opposite to what I expected. Intellectuals? Hah! Most of them have come here mugging up the methods to do the predictable and repeated questions asked in CEE. I am so badly repenting letting go of that seat I was getting in IIT.

Let me come to the point of writing this whole ‘hate-blog-post’. OK. I get along with guys better. I hate to gossip about the pretty lady dating that bad-but-hot guy, I hate to restrain my laugh unlike ‘good-and-decent’ girls are supposed to, I hate to even try to change my walk and make it more girly I hate to cry in front of others and I hate to get touchy about small matters. I am what I am and I am NOT scared to show the real me unlike so many around me who take the safe shelter of make-believe and white-lies to hide their true selves lest others should reject them. The same goes for my relationships. If I am good friends with someone (a guy), I don’t make funny stories as excuses to go and meet him in private so that people don’t talk about us. If I want to talk to someone, I do, not caring people watching us. I perfectly understand that so many people in my college think I am going around with this guy I hang out with so much. But I am not so foolish that I give up spending quality time with him to shut them up. Their tongues would anyway wag because they love to gossip and nothing can stop them. People I have zero concern with have talked about me and when I come to know this I cannot contain my laughter mixed with pity for their microscopic minds, let alone narrow ones.

I know my friends who have been talked about just because they were seen with a guy around NESCCI. Even if it was for once, the ever ready gossip mongers of NSIT make sure every person in their circle knows what they have seen. They make it Probably since they could not be the guy themselves (or the girl themselves) and the rumour starts with the spark of this envy. Whatever it is, don’t they have better things to do? I just have this to say to those who have ever talked about me and him behind my back:

“Get a life!!”