Sunday, August 29, 2010

Common-man-wealth Games

Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar said “I will be disappointed if the Commonwealth games are a huge success”. Even if it was a mere political gimmick, I find myself nodding my head wishing the CWG are a flop show. Why? Am I not patriotic enough? Well, actually I am not sloppy enough.

The “Commonwealth Games” is the most flagrant form of corruption we have ever witnessed. The latest figure spent on the CWG stands at ` 66,000 crore. God knows what the city would have looked like if they were spent the right way. Or even half the amount. But Delhi lies dug up a fortnight away from the Games. Enough has been said about the callousness of the Organizing Committee but is just saying enough?

30,000 College Students have been ‘chosen’ to volunteer for the Games, for the sake of the ‘Nation’s pride’ and a rectangular piece of paper. They are expected not to lose hope and make the Games a huge success by participating in them with great enthusiasm and keeping their mouths shut. They are not even being paid for the travel, let alone anything else. And it is dubbed unpatriotic if they talk of backing out now.

But, is it fair to support something that is built up on the foundation of lies, corruption and fraud? By the sheer Law of Nature, such a thing can NOT be a success. If you expect all the desperate mendacious statements of the government to be digested by the people without demur and that too in the name of ‘patriotism’, it would be downright foolishness. Patriotism would be to let the government know they cannot get away with something so blatant and morbid. They cannot loot the Indian Economy and then convince us to let go and cheer for the futile extravaganza. Patriotism would be, as Chetan Bhagat said, ‘to do what the Father of our Nation’ told us to do. Non-cooperation.’

The honour and dignity of the country are already at stake, there is no point belabouring about saving it now. There may not be sense in opposing the Games to some, but it’s for the sake of making a point. Telling the trustfully elected government officials who have backstabbed the millions, inflated the inflation on the pretext of making up for the “paucity in funds” to fund the Commonwealth Games that they cannot rob the common man’s pockets and then expect them to applaud the robbery.


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