Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The last kiss

I want you my dear, so much,
That I want to be me no more.
Just take me into your world,
and love me like never before.

Feel my warmth and my tremble,
fear not the forbidden crime.
Tell me you love me once more,
I wanna hear it one last time.

Hold me close, don't be so far
because time is what we lack.
just let my heart make it freeze,
This moment will not come back.

I want you near me so much,
And time flies away so fast...
Don't let go of my lips you,
For this kiss could be our last.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back in time

You take me back in time
to when it all began
when moon was the lover,
resembling my dream man.

Your eyes remind me of
That yearning for romance.
Remind me of my madness,
and that waiting for a chance.

It turns back pages of time
When the breeze ruffles your hair,
And the way you smile at me,
I feel I am back there.

When I was an innocent fool,
inebriated by the 'first love' potion.
When love songs started my day
that ended with verses of emotion.

You remind me of the me
that I no longer am.
The you, you no longer shall remain
Just like its Destiny's plan.

Every moment created with you
fills up a void of my past,
No matter hollow I will be
For you and me will not last.

Its gonna be like a movie,
in my memory, and you the moviestar.
Guiltless moments fresh as new,
May we remain how close, how far.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Fish says

“Back off you, don’t show your face,

I do no longer call you mine,

I will hate you with ardent ardour

Oh, yes… you veritable swine!

I am wronged, I am broken

I do not have a home

I Love not, trust not no one

I want to be alone.

I look for love outside,

For I have slain my own.

Buried my childhood myself

I am now full grown.

I can detest, abhor, loathe

But cannot simply love.

But if you try to justify,

Trust me, I’m a cut above.

I live in the blue universe

And that is the true to me

You say land monsters will eat me

Well, we’ll wait n see.”

Crab replies

“I am selfish and tough

That is what you see.

Listen to what I DON’T say!

But I guess it cannot be.

You will never know

And I can never tell

The sorrows that lie

Hidden beneath this shell.

I can protect you no more

I can guide you no more

You have deserted me

And I can stop you no more.

Go on and discover for yourself

The world out there so wild.

Forget me like a bad dream

I will remember you like a child.”