Thursday, December 2, 2010


Fish says

“Back off you, don’t show your face,

I do no longer call you mine,

I will hate you with ardent ardour

Oh, yes… you veritable swine!

I am wronged, I am broken

I do not have a home

I Love not, trust not no one

I want to be alone.

I look for love outside,

For I have slain my own.

Buried my childhood myself

I am now full grown.

I can detest, abhor, loathe

But cannot simply love.

But if you try to justify,

Trust me, I’m a cut above.

I live in the blue universe

And that is the true to me

You say land monsters will eat me

Well, we’ll wait n see.”

Crab replies

“I am selfish and tough

That is what you see.

Listen to what I DON’T say!

But I guess it cannot be.

You will never know

And I can never tell

The sorrows that lie

Hidden beneath this shell.

I can protect you no more

I can guide you no more

You have deserted me

And I can stop you no more.

Go on and discover for yourself

The world out there so wild.

Forget me like a bad dream

I will remember you like a child.”


Musafir... said...

But how does a fish living in water get acquainted with what a swine is, leave alone a veritable one?

Manee said...

Ha ha! These are just code words :P