Thursday, July 14, 2011

The streak of raw passion

You think you know me just because you know my name
You think you see me cause youve seen every line on my face
You want to want me just because I say that I want you
But does it matter if anything Im saying is the truth
You need somebody, somebody to hold on to
But this aint the movies and we aint heroes.

and the lines...

The night is fading, like my old tattoo
A heart and a dagger, that says 'forever'.

-Bon Jovi

So what do you do? Listen to your heart? Because I always have. No matter how preposterous the choice may seem. I follow my heart. And 99 out of 100 times I am right. Women have instinct, they say. So, it IS true. It just should be.

They also say that 'seek and you shall be given'...God really answers beautifully. I can say this about all the questions I have ever asked Him.

I am confused. But listening to the heart is the answer, is my answer. The heart can't be wrong, right?

Nice lines though.... : "...Khud ko jala du teri aahon mein..."

And yes, Happy Birthday to me :)


spoiltfreak said...

m so in love wid u...again <3

Manee said...

:) <3

Amul said...

Read few of your posts.. kaafi passion se likhti hai :)... one question, why have you stopped idiot? :P.. you should write more often!

Author: Furor said...

Did not know you liked that song ...

We have music to discuss now ...