Sunday, September 25, 2011

BLOG archives : Happiness- I chose it

I wrote this in August 2006. It is posted in my old blog. (Closed for public viewing). Thought of sharing it. :)

No, I don't acknowledge this.You can't be abysmal beyond repair.You cant be fallen so deep that you cant rise.You cant be so full of tears that you forget how to cant be so lost that you cannot find happiness...If you say you have seen the worst and now have no desire to live...I'm sorry..But I would only pity you.You are then selfish...So selfish that you cant see the worse that has happened with others...But I don't blame you.You cant see beyond their masqueraded outward expressions..And what lies beneath.
You cry as your mother scolded you? Think...About those who have no mother.You brood as you have not been able to score enough marks ?Think of the thousand trials of Edison before he succeeded in making the bulb.You weep as you have been eaveteased ? Think of those who were brutally raped and killed.You sulk as you believe noone loves you? Think of those who have died...For love...Think of those who have sacrificed their whole life for the one they love and then got nothing in return..But they don't complain.Love is unconditional... They know;you should have known.To how many people have you given this love that you expect to be loved ? What right have you to be dismal when your sadness is just a fragment of what people have seen in their life ? How can you claim to be the saddest when there is so much of misery in the world ? What have you done to make somebody else smile ?You feel insecure as noone trusts you?...How many times have YOU trusted somebody ?
Ask yourself,have you begun to take pleasure in pain ? Isn't it that you want to remain the way you are ? You want to drive everyone away who stops by to take your hand...Love you...And cry with you?You don't trust anyone enough to do that,do you? Then you have no right to assert your grief.Because you have voluntarily chosen it.And you will take it with you to your grave.So live with it.
Yes,as cliched as it may seem,its true; happiness is a matter of choice.And happiness comes not from doubt and loneliness...It comes from trust and a spirit to love and sustain relationships-not to let them break apart.Why should you let anything change your love, your friendship..Your feelings for anyone with time?Why do you let the flow of life take you downstream with it into the depths of despair you being a mere puppet in the hands of destiny?Why don't you rise..And fight...fight your sadness....Ignore your pain and exaggerate your happiness?Take a break from your crying..And go on...Make somebody else smile...You will feel better.Do something good; not because later you wanna pity yourself althemore...But because somebody else's happiness gives you peace.Stop your sulking...And trust somebody...Tell someone you trust him so much that you can give your life in his hands...And you will see the tears of happiness in his eyes...And a sharp streak of contentment runs through your heart...Yes that is equivalent to giving that person the right to betray you...But betrayal, pain, lies...This still is a part of life,and you cant escape it.You cant live your life running away from life itself !
Live laugh and love...Open your eyes and see...One person can make your life beautiful...And that person is you yourself.