Saturday, August 3, 2013

An ode to a Perfect Summer

Many a time I am reminded by life of the fact that things are not going to be rosy, that things will be unpleasant and there will be people who will make your life harder. Just as I was struggling to cope up with yet another surge of gossip against me, which I want to completely ignore but which somehow keeps crawling back into my mind, I had an epiphany, more like a reminder from the Higher Power perhaps, that I am so darn lucky to find such amazing people as I do.
Life is generous and God is kind. I was so apprehensive about this summer internship that I may have over prepared. But everything about the summer of 2013 has been impeccable - right from the amazing place of work to the amazing place to stay.

I found a great place to live - fully furnished and hassle free,cheap and at a very convenient location from office. I loved the weather here and got a bike for free to commute to my office. I had old friends already waiting for me here and so I had the ease of settling in.
But beyond everything, I found the perfect mentor at @WalmartLabs. Right from the moment I walked into the office to the culmination of my internship, he has been the greatest boss anyone could ask for. He was careful about letting my morale down when something went wrong, yet he was always eager to applaud in his subtle ways when good things were accomplished. He was the kind of boss who makes you want to work harder and just be better at everything you are trying to accomplish. The kind whose priceless insights into the career and life in the silicon valley will make your spirits float up. Whose jokes will unleash a friendly aura within the team and you'd want to just soak up all the warmth. Someone who is selflessly concerned because he will go out of his way to guide you in your future prospects, even though he has nothing in it, merely because of a "loyalty" he feels towards his alma mater. (Yes, I was lucky to share the alma mater with him.).Yes, the kind whose existence in the team would make you want to come back and join full time. Probably the primary reason I'd want to do that.

Then there were people who said he wanted me on board because I was good at what I did. I went on with the thought and pictured joining full time in an amazing team, with amazing work and an even more amazing team leader. But reality struck me when I learnt that he is no longer going to be a part of this team. What touched me the most was that he went out of his way to recommend me for a full time position - even though he had nothing in it because he will no longer be here when I come back.

So here I am again, awed at the game of life which has given me another mentor to remember (Add to the list - Vipul sir, Jha sir, Kumar Sir, Mrs.Mathur, Mrs.Barat, Mrs.Menon...). He is someone who will always epitomize the ideal boss in my mind. Somebody who gave me objective advice and the careful guidance based on his invaluable experiences. Somebody who will always remain the perfect part of the perfect Summer of '13.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


You have tasted the sharpest
the finest poison of wines.
You are cursed for life, dear!
I did warn you of the signs.

Beauty, pain, love and shame
Oh, they are ever fleeting,
Live it and then forget it
Like life's greatest greeting.

I have learnt, the art of losing,
it ain't that hard to master,
I lost two cities and a soul,
Nay, 'twasn't a disaster.

Think of me years from now,
As you dust me off your mind,
I have stolen a piece of you...
A piece you'll never find.